Happy Easter out of jail

Today’s Romanian press is flooded with articles regarding George Becali, the Moldavian revolution and some other usual shit. But let’s take each subject at a time…

George Becali is a Romanian businessman considered to be the richest man in Romania and he just got a temporary “out of jail” ticket, because apparently the judge took pity to him and to his Christian ways, as he pleaded for reunification with his family on Easter. He is also the owner of the Romanian Football/Soccer Club Steaua Bucuresti and a very present guest on all TV-shows, no-matter their subject. He is accused of deprivation of liberty on 3 or 4 alleged thieves who allegedly stole his car.

Up until this moment most Romanians had the impression that he is a bad and corrupt person who does some good where others don’t. It is not certain how he got to have the money he has, but apparently he got most of them out of selling land and making dubious business with land and with selling and buying litigious rights. A right is litigious whenever there exists a suit contesting the right. In another usage, litigious rights are those which cannot be exercised without undergoing a lawsuit. If a litigious right is sold, the person owing the correlative obligation or duty may be released by paying to the transferee the real price of the transfer, together with interest from its date. The thing with these litigious rights is that they usually refer to the property of a land or a construction and they get sold very cheap because they are the object of a lawsuit.

Apparently not only did he deprivate those people of their liberty, but he also threatened and tortured them in order to get them to confess the fact that they stole a car and to sign statements to the police.

But not the legal aspects of the problem represent the issue i want to tackle here. the real issue is how the average Romanian reacted to this: they all went insane like he is a good person and that he should be released and not even charged. Bitch, please – you give Romanians a complete moron and felon, but they forgive him because he paid bills for other criminals and because he built a church.

Maybe next time before I decide to kill someone I should build a church first and then blow away someones brains, don’t you think so? Because around this is pretty much the trend. I just love this kind of hypocrisy, like everything else around here that is dealing with religion.

The Moldavian revolution – most Romanians don’t give a fuck about it; some use it for political purposes, others are getting pissed at what Voronin is blabbing being half of the time semi-drunk and others maybe feel sorry for those who get the wrong side of this made up revolution. It doesn’t even matter who the author really is – the official versions include the westerners, Romanians, Russians and Voronin himself – one thing is for sure: it has the marks of a made up story with no real feeling to it, other than the idiotic bashings of random people.  Because you have to understand it can not be revolution or whatever if people aren’t beaten to death. I don’t understand why they had to use this – the old communist way, but the final result is that more people will suffer and the ones who got rich by enslaving them will continue to do so.

Revolution of the people, my ass! Through twitter???!!? And again only children to get killed! one thing is for sure, apparently Voronin’s son is making a bundle of money by using his cleaning business to …what else, clean the buildings that were so nicely destroyed(well, not really, but who cares). this while a 22-year-old child was buried after being thrown from an official car in front of a hospital and left there to die as a result of beatings.

As a final idea about the revolution: no-one in the West gave a shit about it, it only matters when we are talking about exotic places, but not the border of Romania, about a country(Moldavia) from where sex-slaves are brought and which disturbances might piss off Russia.


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